Hodgdon Green

Hodgdon Green occupies a two–acre lot at 6 Hodgdon Street, near the village center of Damariscotta. It accommodates 16 residents in private rooms–half on the ground floor, half on the second floor, easily accessible by elevator. The use of a fine Federal–style house in a residential neighborhood lends a homelike quality and greatly reduces any institutional feel. The details and proportions of the 19th century house were respected in the addition, while adding all the amenities of new construction. A large community room accommodates a variety of recreational and educational activities.

Hodgdon Green

6 Hodgdon St. Damariscotta, Maine 04543
Phone: 207-563-5123 Fax: 207-563-8572

Email: jverney@eldercarenetwork.org

The Village Care Homes

Our six small residential care homes, each with six or eight residents. Each home is near the village center so that seniors can stay involved in the community, and each is linked back to the central facility (Hodgdon Green) to gain the advantages of central management

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