Our Mission

To improve the way services are provided to Lincoln County elders who can no longer live at home, whatever their income, by creating homes that function like a regular household.

Our Philosophy

Older people should stay in their own home as long as they want to do so and can do so with the aid and support of family members, home health care personnel and other community services.

When the needs of the elderly go beyond the ability of home care to serve them and the family’s capacity to provide support, they should be able to move to a non–institutional living arrangement within their own familiar community.

The new assisted living home should offer attentive and personalized care and emotional support, while fostering social engagement, intellectual stimulation and as much independence as possible. Our goal is to help residents maintain existing abilities–perhaps even restore lost abilities–and to promote their self–esteem.

ElderCare Network is committed to village settings in towns where residents have lived and worked and where they are close to friends and relatives. Participating in community activities is an important part of the activity program.

Over the past 20 years, ECN has developed a program that offers private rooms, family-style dining, assistance with daily living and medical assistance as needed and a daily program  that promotes successful aging. Individualized care plans emphasize the quality of daily life.

Visits from friends and family, healthy food, fun outings, interesting and engaging programs and activities, purposeful living, social connections, and a strong connection with our communities are the things that keep all of us healthier and happier as we age – and are all part of ECN’s unique, wellness-centered, family-style assisted living program.

Eldercare Network’s homes are the only assisted living facilities in the area that accept those who qualify for MaineCare – and private-pay rates are well below those of local private facilities.

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