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Conductorcise Program Is For All Ages

ElderCare Network has invited Maestro David Dworkin to Damari scotta to present CONDUCTORCISE in our local communities at no cost. CONDUCTORCISE is a program of music, education and exercise that gets people enthused about classical music, and keep s them engaged, thinking and moving.

Dworkin works successfully with people of all ages, from pre school children and teenagers to seniors in assisted living facilities as well as stroke and Alzheimer’s patients. He customizes the program for each particular group.

For those 50 and over The program is designed to be flexible, enabling participants to push limits as they wish, incorporating lower body movements to the basic upper body workout can strengthen the heart, improve muscle tone, and reli eve stress. Subtle use of the baton, cuing, dynamics, communication and musical awareness are ——–. Slower compositions are incorporated into every program, and it works for anyone in a wheelchair.

The program for ages 20 50 is more rigorous, with more animated use of the baton to enhance the upper arm workout.

Children ages 13 19 participate in a vigorous, animated workout, with a focus on a more contemporary repertoire and analogies to rock or pop music to show differences and similarities to classical works.

For children Ages 4 to 12, CONDUCTORCISE encourages “internalizing” the music. By allowing the music to flow through all parts of the body, making the most of children’s love of motion. It uses, by using the entire body in marching, stretchi ng, “duck walks,” etc. The workout is more vigorous, emphasizing the physicality of conducting , and includes a more extensive introduction to classical music. Highly animated compositions are used to stimulate the young people, who find themselves introduced to the magic of music while having great fun and a great exercise.

The CONDUCTORCISE presentation is part of ElderCare Network’s Successful Aging program that encourages exercise, activity, learning, and music in many combinations to improve the quality of life.